Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Now They Are Both Waiting.....

Sasha joined Drake this morning at the Rainbow Bridge.  Thanks for always being just feet away from Mama for 12 years.  I will miss you little nubbins.  Now go catch some frisbees!

I love you baby girl!


  1. Oh Sasha - we will miss you!!! :-(

    I know I've already said a lot on email so I won't repeat everything here but just wanted to say that you're in our thoughts and how much we're going to miss both Sasha & Drake...


  2. Oh, no! We're so very, very sorry about Sasha - and about not discovering until now that she has joined Drake over the Bridge. We're sure they are happy, running and playing and napping together in the full bloom of health while they wait for their family to catch up. We will update the June posting of Our Rainbow Friends to include a tribute to Sasha.

    Our Rainbow Friends